Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Simply Beautiful!"

The final proof of the "She Writes" Anthology has been received and we at Windflower Press are more than pleased! If you're one of the 43 contributors, this book will make you proud!

Here are just a few comments:

"Simply beautiful! A work of art from cover to cover."

"Congratulations on a wonderful book! It not only looks good, the writing samples are amazing."

"Irresistible! I'm buying gifts for all my friends."

Easy Directions:Laguna Woods Village Clubhouse 7
24111 Molton Parkway, Laguna Woods, Laguna Woods, CA, 92653
(949) 951-6474
Clubhouse 7 is located on Moulton north of El Toro. From the freeway, take the El Toro exit (west) and then turn right on Moulton. Get in the left lane. When you see the Gate 12 sign in the median, you will be turning left into the parking lot (no gate) that is right outside the clubhouse and not far from the tennis courts. If driving south on Irvine Center Drive, the name of the street becomes Moulton. If that's the case, you will stay in the right lane and be turning right into the parking lot and this is opposite Gate 12. If you "google" Clubhouise 7, Laguna Woods, more information will appear. If you get lost, call 949-285-3831 and we'll direct you.

Books will be available for $15 the night of the launch (no tax).

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- Anne Lamott